Catan: Junior

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A simplified version of Klaus Teuber's Catan.

Catan: Junior serves as a perfect introduction to the world of Catan for younger players. Catan: Junior takes place on the ring of the tropical isles-- including the mysterious Spooky Island, home of the Ghost Captain. 

Each island produces specfic resources like goats, wood, molasses, or cutlasses. There's even some gold. Start off with two pirate lairs and build ships to expand your network. 

A Catan Adventure for Fledgling Swashbucklers! 

Catan: Junior is for ages 6 and up and requires 2 to 4 players to trade and build and grow a pirate empire.


  • 106 Resource Tiles
  • 1 Two-sided Game Board
  • 4 Building Cost Tiles
  • 32 Ships
  • 28 Pirate Lairs
  • 1 Ghost Captain
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Tray
  • Game Rules

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