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Thanks to Concept, you no longer need to talk in order to communicate!

Combine universal icons and have others guess hundreds of objects, titles, and characters!

A large, green animal from long ago? Must be a dinosaur. Water, cube and cold weather? Has to be an ice cube. A man with a job who rides large brown animals in the United States? Is that a cowboy?

In Concept, players team up to place tokens on a board covered in icons, depicting everything from ancient samurai and snails to Leonardo DiCaprio. Points go to the player who can guess correctly by looking at the various symbols, but in this wild party game, the points are less important than just having a great time!

Concept is for ages 10 and up and requires 4 to 12 players for this guess-tastic game!


  • 110 Cards
  • 1 Board
  • Rulebook
  • 4 Player Aids
  • 1 Bowl for storage
  • 39 Tokens (27 single and 12 double)
  • 47 Plastic Pawns (1x?, 4x!, and 42 cudes)

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