WWII Liberty Ship Binnacle "USS Thomas Stone"

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This is an authentic WWII Liberty Ship Binnacle maufactured by Linonel Corporation, New York.
Liberty Ships, especially early in the War, fought peril not just from U-Boats, I-Boats, Flotillas and Aircraft, they were with minimal escort and had to deal with the elements as well.
The Men and the ships were as tough as they come. This Binnacle is no exception, prominent on the bridge facing fog, storm or torpedo, the amazing thing is how elegant these binnacles were. Built of Brass and teak along classic lines.
This Binnacle is a classic in great condition, complete with: All Brass elements, Hood, Flinders tube, Orginal Manufacturers Plate, U.S, Navy Lionel Corp. Mark I Compass; Inclinometer, and an extremely rare brass Compensating Control box. This one has it all. Originally on the USS Thomas Stone it was purchased, and restored, from the U.S. Navy Salvage in 1972.
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